New Adventures 


“It’s a magical world, Hobbes ol’ buddy…lets go exploring”

So ended Bill Watterson’s incredible comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, as our two protagonists tobogganed off into a blank page of new possibilities. This idea of a fresh start, of new beginnings is something so appealing to us. And as September rolls around, we once again see new beginnings and opportunities all around us. For many children across the country, September is the start of a whole new phase of life – the entering of a new school, with new friends to be made and new subjects to learn. For adults and parents, September is the start of a new term, with new timings and commitments. And so, as we as a church enter the new term, we look forward to everything new that's coming up in the next few months.

Our weekly junior aged kids club Livewire moves this term from Burpham Primary School to its new home at Church of the Holy Spirit (6.30-7.30 on Tuesday evenings). Everyone is very excited about the ways we can grow this great ministry to kids with plenty of space, resources and the ability to now invite children from all schools to attend! We also look forward to welcoming new year 6’s to join Download, our weekly drop in for school years 6-8, and for the opportunity to use the added space of the brilliant new Barnabas Room, which will be a fantastic asset to many different ministries we run as a church.

Not only are we excited about the growth and evolution of our current groups, we also look forward to the completely new things which we are starting in our children’s and youth work this term. The first is a weekly bible study group for school years 4-6. The work we do with our children is so important as they explore faith and grow in their friendships with each other, and so to compliment the great work our Sunday Club team does each week, we are adding the opportunity for the kids to meet together at a leaders home to have fun, play games and discover God’s word in a different setting. We are also running our very first weekend away in October, teaming up with Christ Church Guildford to stay for two nights at Bentley Copse in Shere. It’s going to be a weekend full of adventure, fun, laughter and getting closer to God, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Of course, this idea of new beginnings is one that is found in scripture. As the Preacher says in Ecclesiastes “there is a time for everything”, and surely September is the time for new things. Of course all this can be daunting – especially for those moving into secondary school! But we can take comfort in the words of Jesus when he tells us that “I am with you always”. As we walk with God, we experience more of who He is and the plans He has in store for us – and while the journey may have its ups and downs, we will continue to discover new things about God and our amazing relationship with him. Just as Calvin is free to continue adventuring, Jesus promises each day a fresh start for us as he washes our sins white as snow. Let’s go exploring! 

Tom Tame, Youth & Children's Minister

Want to get involved?

There are plenty of ways for you to get involved with being part of the amazing team which makes our youth and children's groups happen. If you would like to volunteer to help out in any format, whether on a rota on in a weekly club, we would love to have you! We also need people to pray for our young people - if this could be you and you would like to recieve updates on things/specific people to pray for, please do get in touch with Tom at 

Tom Tame, 07/09/2016