Happy Child International Happy Child 

Happy Child International works to guarantee the rights of children and teenagers and has as its mission to rescue, rehabilitate street children and children at risk and reintegrate them back into their families and communities.  Over the last 21 years 10,500 children have been rescued, cared for and returned to their families or adoptive families in Brazil.  Happy Child centres offer provisional full-time integrated care and protection for children and adolescents who were subject to violence and/or their lives were endangered, and placed into emergency safe care

100% of the children are reintegrated back into education

95% are reintegrated back into their families

5% are adopted or remain with Happy Child until they have an education and vocational training and a job. 

Happy Child operates in Belo Horizonte and Recife, Brazil, and Lubango, Angola. 

Happy Child runs 14 centres in two cities in Brazil, Belo Horizonte and Recife, as well as in Lubango, Angola. Since 2011, the operations in Belo Horizonte achieved 100% local funding and are now self-sustaining.

Happy Child transforms lives through providing:

Prevention work in the favela’s and through its International Campaigning

Rescue work from the streets and places of abuse

Rehabilitation work its project homes

Reintegration back into family; education; the work place and society.