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Cafe space

The Cafe

Build a high quality cafe accessible to everyone in Burpham. Creating a welcoming friendly space the whole community feels comfortable in. Create excellent facilities for teaching, support groups and accessible information.

Wellbeing Space


Dedicated Wellbeing Area

An area adjacent to the cafe will be dedicated to wellbeing. A space for people to be encouraged to explore their wellbeing in the reality of their lives and circumstance.

Young People

Children & Young People

We currently employ a full time Youth & Children's Worker. These facilities will enhance and build on the existing work. It will give opportunities for a safe space Young People to meet. Support groups such as homework clubs could be run. Children's activities could be available while parents and carers have a coffee.


Community Courses

With excellent facilities running relevant courses will be made easy. The environment of a cafe will make it a more credible space to meet. Courses such as parenting, money courses and computing could be held for the community.


HubInformation & Communication Hub

The Cafe can become a place to access information and link local organisations together. It is a safe environment to take a first step to get help or to communicate where help is available locally. Links to the new Care Centre and Communication Centre would ensure up to date relevant communication methods. 

Supporting groups

Support Groups

The cafe environment will provide a warm and friendly environment for support groups to meet in when the cafe would normally be closed. Groups such as AA, NA, AA and Young Carers for example

Cafe skills

Skills Opportunities

The Cafe will provide skills and training opportunities for local Young People and those in disadvantaged in our community.