Staff and Leadership

James Levasier cropped   Jo Levasier cropped
Rev James Levasier - Vicar   Rev Jo Levasier - Vicar

Tel 01483 853023
Day off Monday 
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01483 853023
Day Off Monday
Runacles Jasmine   Darleen
Rev Jasmine Runnacles   Rev Darlene McCarley
contact via the church office   contact via the church office

Lewis Williams - Church Warden   Vacant - Church Warden
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Mike P   JONES Martin
Mike Pocock - Assistant Church Warden   Martin Jones - Treasurer
email Mike   email Martin
Nicky Geraghty - Youth & Children's Minister  
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Tel 0707305619868     Day Off Saturday
Lisa website (3) marcelle 
Lisa Scott - Office Manager Marcelle Falconer - Care Coordinator       
email Lisa                                                                                email Marcelle
01483 825533                                                                         01483 825533  

If you need to contact the Church Office please visit the Contact Us page.