Church Partners  

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.’"
As a reponse to Jesus' command we are building partnerships of understanding, prayer, financial support and practical action with local, national and international oranisations.

Local Partnerfriends In

Friends International

welcomes international students and their families to Guildford.  Make the most of your time in the UK and find out that there can be more to life here than study.  If you are feeling far from home, Friends International can help you make friends with local people and other internationals like yourself.  If you are here with your family, perhaps they would welcome friendship and support while you are working hard.  Whatever your hopes for your time here in the UK, read on and find out more.
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National PartnerCAP


are passionate about lifting people out of debt and poverty through our award winning debt help service and money management course, the CAP Money Course. They started in 1996 when John Kirkby gave up his successful career in consumer finance to help people out of misery and poverty associated with unmanageable debt. They have grown into a national charity with a vision to have a CAP Debt centre, opened in partnership with a local church, in every town and city across the UK.
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International Partnersfleming

Joe and Denny Fleming

are Christians serving God by working in a hospital in Vellore in India. 


Happy ChildHappy-Child

Happy Child International works to guarantee the rights of children and teenagers and has as its mission to rescue, rehabilitate street children and children at risk and reintegrate them back into their families and communities.  Over the last 21 years 10,500 children have been rescued, cared for and returned to their families or adoptive families in Brazil.  Happy Child centres offer provisional full-time integrated care and protection for children and adolescents who were subject to violence and/or their lives were endangered, and placed into emergency safe care
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