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Bank :             HSBC 
Address :        PO Box 160, 12a North St, Guildford   GU1 4AF 
Sort Code : 40-22-26
Account No : 11594427 - Burpham Church PCC
At Burpham Church we do not take collections at  our services because we do not want to pressurise visitors or those still exploring faith into feeling they ought to give. However, the Bible teaches clearly about God's people giving generously to the local church for God's mission, and so we do highly encourage financial giving from those who consider themselves church members and followers of Christ.
n keeping with the Bible's teaching on the matter, we would like to encourage regular, thoughtful, planned giving and so we recommend that individuals set up standing orders or use the weekly envelope scheme. As a charity ourselves, we substantially benefit from the Gift Aid Scheme, and we encourage all donations to be made under that scheme so that your gift may go further. 
To discuss any aspect of giving, please talk confidentially to Martin Jones (treasurer) CLICK HERE to mail

On the first day of every week, each one of you should set aside a sum of money in keeping with your income, saving it up, so that when I come no collections will have to be made.” the Apostle Paul in his letter, 1 Corinthians 16:2  In the Old Testament, the Bible teaches that the first 10% of our income should go to God's work (the church) but the New Testament builds on this, to call us to give freely with rich generosity. However the detail of this financial giving is always kept private between the giver and God, so as not to be done under pressure or obligation but as a free response by us towards God for His love and generosity that we have received. 

Burpham Church runs purely on the generous financial support of church members. We receive no money for our buildings or staff from the Church of England, Government or any other source.
As Burpham Church we commit to... 
  •    Use your money to ONLY honour God and build His Kingdom in Burpham and beyond
  •    Be wise and generous with God’s money and regularly to review our use of money
  •    Give at least 10% of our income to serve God’s church in the world beyond our own needs
  •    Allow you to review our accounts annually
  •    Allow you to ask questions or express concerns over financial matters
  •    Allowing only the Treasurer, Independent Examiner & God to be aware of the details of your giving to Burpham Church
  •    Allow you to amend or stop your giving at any time