The Archbishop has called the church to a month of prayer and fasting during the lockdown. In particular we have been asked to pray wherever we are at 6pm on Thursday evenings.
We have also created a 24/7 Virtual (Zoom) Prayer Room to come anytime to and events to help us pray. 

A place to
  • Pray (on your own or with others)
  • Praise God (sing or play worship songs on your own or with others)
  • Proclaim God's word (Read scripture out loud and declare God's promises)

To ENTER the Virtual Prayer Room anytime use the Link sent to all church members
if you require a reminder or do not have it please CLICK HERE to email Jo to request

Create your own prayer, proclamation or praise event! Let James know if you want him to invite others
Below are some organised events but come anytime on your own or with a group

Weekly Prayer
 Loving God, at this time of crisis when so many are suffering,
we pray for our nation and our world.
Give our leaders wisdom,
our Health Service strength, our people hope.
Lead us through these parched and difficult days
to the fresh springs of joy and comfort
that we find in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Email Prayer Requests
If you have a prayer request or want to be part of this group do send an email to Joan Gibbons

To do the online Prayer Course