Christenings: Baptisms or Thanksgivings 

A happy and meaningful occasion
We share with you a sense of joy at the arrival of your child, and we are delighted that in thinking of a thanksgiving or baptism you seek God’s blessing for this new member of your family. We will do all we can to make the service a happy and meaningful occasion for you, your family and your friends, and if we don't already know you, we look forward to welcoming you into parish life.

You may not be aware that we offer two services that may be appropriate for you and your child at this point: Thanksgiving (sometimes called a Dedication) and Infant Baptism (sometimes called a Christening), and we would encourage you to think carefully about which best reflects your personal situation. One of our vicars will arrange to meet up with you and help you to work through which is the option most suited to your personal situation.  click here to email Jo


Thanksgiving provides a formal opportunity for parents to give thanks for the arrival of their child and ask God’s blessing upon them. As such they can take place in either of our churches; in one of our main church services or in a special service just for you, your family and your friends.


Baptisms however, are a more formal sign of initiation into membership of the church and so only take place within the context of our regular church services. (when live church services are running) these happen within our monthly all age morning worship at the Church of the Holy Spirit or at our monthly Messy Church sessions.

We can Baptise anyone who lives in Burpham (Check area here) or who has been part of our church life. Sometimes it is possible to be Baptised in Burpham for some other special reason. Thanksgivings may be offered in all of these situations. If these don’t apply to you, then we encourage you to make contact with your own local church.

If you would like more information about baptism or thanksgiving services at Burpham
then please contact Jo Levasier (01483) 853023 or email